Tuesday, November 8, 2016

For now...a TPR/vocab game for stations day!

Well, I missed Grant Boulanger yesterday, but I'd love to share a great idea from IFLTA '16 from locally talented, long-time educators, Gary Spurgin and Darlene Lankenau! I feel like I incorporate A LOT of movement in our classroom "a la TPRS" with storyasking, acting, etc. and brain breaks...BUT I've totally bombed the incorporation of TPR games/activities with my students (well, I suppose this week I did have students who were listening to plot twist endings of other students act out verbs they heard while the others spoke to ensure comprehension BUT I need to bring back a station/game day!). So, here's "¡Cráneo!"
What do you need?
What to do? In groups of 3-4 students, let them play! Using the stack of vocab terms, the students draw a card (keep it secret!) & then roll the die! Gary and Darlene proposed 3 options: to draw, to make (with Play-Doh), and to act/mime. I think for simplicity, I'll keep these 3 ideas as well & perhaps make the vocab cards different colors (easy/hard). I was even thinking that if there are 4 students, they could have a partner and challenge each other for more points (the easy could be 1pt and hard could be 3pts for example) but haven't fully thought through how that will work (it's best to try and see & the kids usually develop better competition rules than I!). However, I've also thought about having ALL of the kids in the group write a short story with the vocab that they flipped over during the game (preferably that they felt the least familiar/comfortable with) & if time, have 2 volunteers at the board to illustrate while volunteers act out the story with some circling, PQA on the fly (which is always the best!).