Wednesday, December 7, 2016

MUSICVideo Talk with "La escuela": Short song, BIG message

So, last year during an admin visit, I received feedback that I'd honestly thought nothing of, it was just a routine thing. What was it that was impressive? She loved how I took a music video and made it comprehensible with a Kahoot afterward (contextualized) to work on concepts we had been working on around school topics and vocab/grammar structures (I used the music video "Cuando me enamoro"). A year has passed, and even though I plan to transition out of the classroom, I don't intend to STOP teaching nor sharing ideas/my work that can be used! I look forward to continuing use of CI/TPRS with homeschool groups and others who are excited to learn Spanish in a way that, as Stephen Krashen reminds us is "really interesting, even compelling"...
So, even though this may not be the BEST post ever & you may have many questions, I wanted to share my recent MUSICVideo Talk with you so that you may begin to create your own ideas and IMPROVE what I'd like to own? If you're familiar with MovieTalk, you will understand the notes in the attached PowerPoint. It's a rough guide of what to say and when to pause the music video while watching it the first time through. I didn't follow up with a Kahoot after this video, "Me voy enamorando" , BUT I did use personalized questions using the structures we were learning with each pause after MovieTalking. Have questions about how to use this? Feel free to comment!
The BEST part of using MUSICVideo Talk that's sometimes lacking with MovieTalk is the ease of cultural glimpses--it's a great "window" for students to see more about different places than their own community (NOT to say they're aren't amazing MovieTalks I've used that are RICH with the cultural piece, like my holiday favorites, "Justino" and the new Lotería de Navidad 2016 commercial). What was my inspiration for this video? I had heard through the grapevine that my middle school kids were being mean to each other! In the halls, other classes, outside of schools, and my own room while I greeted at the door with our "contraseña secreta" --that. wasn't. going. to. fly. So, we needed some real life, compelling, heartfelt lessons through the use of some MUSICVideo Talk--our overarching theme was, How can we do something kind for others in school? (and after school, at home,etc.) Kindness matters. They LOVED this video and lesson. I also have used other escuela videos like the following:
Although not mentioned, two other GREAT ones that we've used have been "Biblioburro" and "El sándwich de Mariana." Note: these are NOT music videos, we just did MovieTalk with these. If you're curious as to how you can integrate Kahoot after using a MovieTalk, let me know! I will try to post soon what I've done with "Biblioburro!" As for now, enjoy using MUSICVideo Talk with "Me voy enamorando"...EXCEPT you'll not see it here, because I'm super new to blogging and can't figure out how to save it here, so...PLEASE see it in the comment that I've posted in the TPRS Facebook groups (and below)! Sorry, I know that's super laughable! I'm getting there! Also, click here for the link to the music video!