Friday, July 8, 2016

Possibly my shortest post (for a reason)!

I think I'm on a roll today, and I'm so excited to share some more ideas this evening (fingers crossed if I can make a Starbucks run). To abide by the acronym "KISS" (Keep it Simple...Silly) best this year for my sanity,health,and happiness, what better way than to revamp my philosophy as well, right? So, here it is! I feel that this philosophy pertains to all age groups and types of learners regardless of content or context!
Yep, that's right! My teaching philosophy as an educator is a Chinese proverb! Why recreate the wheel if it's already so simplistically yet well put? Speaking of this proverb, it appears my toddler's nap (and mommy's free time) is over, so perhaps I can put this into practice now with the current explosion of toys in the living room and some hands on experience for her? Happy weekend! Come back soon! P.S. Methodology should always be the foundation for using new technologies (use it with a purpose), but if you like the cutesy graphic above with my philosophy, you must check out CANVA.

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