Saturday, September 10, 2016

Oops! HAY un problema...

I have NOT posted in forever, and I hope that this gets better. To be perfectly honest, when I jumped off the plane from attending NTPRS, I jumped into getting ready for school which started 4 days later, moving in to a new house (still unpacking the final things), painting cabinets, changing addresses, and sending my little one off to preschool! Did I mention having Open House within the first few weeks and NWEA testing which definitely reminded me that I'm a super adaptable individual (Adiós lesson plans I had made for the week! Bring it on testing and 20 minute classes!) So...this is NOT what I wanted to REALLY post about, but it's a short & sweet idea for an activity that you can use in your classes with a high frequency structure, "HAY." My inspiration of course comes from Martina Bex; see her post here. Here's my idea that takes pretty much ZERO prep (except for investing in these amazing giant rubber die that you can purchase on Amazon; I bought mine at a local dollar store) & the kids loved it as a brain break (and way to teach HAY).
WHEN can you play this game? If you're teaching level 1/first time novice students, you can play this even within the first few days! If you're using Martina Bex's curriculum, it's a nice CI game complement to her Unit 1 Dice. Name of the game: "Juego de Proceso de eliminación" (Structure focus: HAY...but it lends itself well to boys, girls, sit down, How many?, In your opinion, etc)
The next day, have some cool optical illusion/abstract art and/or hidden images as a fast bell ringer with a question like ¿Cuántas personas HAY en la foto? ¿HAY animales en la foto? etc. My favorite is the one below.