Sunday, September 25, 2016

Finalmente... "¡La estrella del día!"

So, it has taken me forever to find what it is I've liked from all of the variations of Bryce Hedstrom's, "La Persona Especial", but I've found a gold mine in Kara Jacob's blog, click here to see her modified ideas for "La estrella del día" from modifications made by Sabrina Janczak. (Don't you just love how we educators share, modify, and try to despite all the changes credit the original creator?)
(Image resource) Why should you consider using this with your Level 1 students (great for any level but this is what I teach and my focus for sharing ideas)? The MOST important reason is because it builds classroom community and rapport (and honestly I am becoming more and more exhausted with the ins and outs of education and care more and more about my students--they're the only reason I go into work most days!) The second reason why you should try this is because it is supported output AND with Sabrina's modifications, you can provide this input for kids and incorporate CI checks with quizzes about the students for some great assessments (about each other!). Click here to see a French version of the CI check quiz for "Estrella del día" here. I hope to edit this and upload a Spanish version for you, but I'm sure you get the idea! My "Estrella del día" will include providing this modified questions sheet I've created for my kids (note: You gradually progress to more and more questions & I think I will even have my first kiddos select what other 2-3 they'd like to be asked after maybe the first 6 questions about them). I will also modify Kara Jacob's presentation to use while interviewing students to match my questions. Enjoy! Feel free to share how it has worked, how it has impacted your classroom culture, etc. in the comments! So excited to use this!

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