Saturday, September 10, 2016

Persona Especial and Gustar

Ok, so while I'd love to jump in to Bex's Unit 2...I'm honestly just dying to have an entire week all about the kids and what they like, what interests them, etc. Basically teaching to the heart. :) This week I'm going to synthesize ALL of the materials I've read for getting "La Persona Especial" (see Bryce Hedstrom's blog and handout here) going & share how I plan to use it with my middle school level 1 students here. In fact, we've already started! My secret password is for them to tell me What or Who is "chévere" since they'd already completed that video and nuggets from my Señor Wooly premium account. Which is awesome input for the kids and homework they WILL do that you can tie into class! See Señor Wooly here! Yes, I did pay my own money for kids to use this for homework and emergency sub plan activities BUT it is totally worth the investment! So, expect to see my posted unit plans (hopefully before Monday morning! ja!). It's my "bridge" unit before jumping into Bex's Unit 2. Here's my "sneak peek" SOMOS Curriculum Collaboration Facebook post with a few early resources mentioned.
The link for the song is here and Señor Adam's fill in the blank resource can be found here.

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